Vehicle Tracking & Cell pinging
The vehicle GPS portable tracker costs R3500.

It allows you to call and listen in. The vehicle Portable GPS tracker is a real time Gps . The battery last for 30 days before needing to be changed and you can move from one vehicle to a another. Its a 24/7 tracking device where you can monitor the person from your cellphone and if the person starts his or her vehicle you get a email alert where only your cellphone can call the device and hear what the person is saying in the vehicle.


Swift Investigations has the ability to ping Lost/Stolen/Misplaced mobile devices as well as obtaining the location of the device.

We must inform our clients that pinging someone for the wrong reasons is criminal offensive.

We charge R650 per ping on MTN and Vodacom to determine the location of a cell phone. If you purchase more than 5 pings at a time we charge R450 per ping.

  • 10 ping for R2500
  • 20 ping for R3800
  • 40 ping for R5800
  • 50 ping for R6500
  • Vehicle Tracker for R3500